Searching for remote jobs

I've been working remotely since April 2017, long time before Covid-19 made it a new normal.
I am a contractor, a consultant, meaning I do change client every 6-12-18 months.
Hence I wanted to write down a memo for myself of how to approach new search, and to share with others.

I usually do several steps:

  1. open-source my new code at:, and later send links to hiring managers when I need to demonstrate my knowledge

  2. update CV

  3. update my profile on LinkedIn

  4. update my profile on all other job-sites, set my status to open for new roles, setup alerts on my key words (remote DevOps)

  5. shake my network, contact all my previous agents\recruiters\managers and tell them that I'm available now, and brag about my last project

  6. open my records from the last time I searched for contracts, to remember companies that I liked but didn't go to, or where I already passed the interview process so it would be easier this time

  7. start actively looking for roles on LinkedIn and StackOverflow and submit my CV to at 10+ vacancies per day

  8. for remote-first companies I start tracking them for future - I find their Careers page on their web-site (sometimes they have it built-in,sometimes they use HR platforms like or, and add it to my account on, I use their plugin for Chrome to see when those pages get updated with new roles etc - really useful and cool if you love XPath and Regex

  9. search through those HR platforms via google, e.g. searching for: “remote devops”

Also, see tons of information on remote job here: