Python learning

A few people asked me how to start with Python.
I can't claim to be an expert, but I know enough to do my job.

Some people like to do courses or read books.
I guess everyone is different.
Below was my path.


I love vi.
But if you want to be productive fast, use IDE.
My choice is jetBrains PyCharm:
It helps a lot - intelligent code completion, syntax check, debugging, variables watch, integration with Git etc etc.


Ideally go through official tutorial completely:

This might take a few weeks!
The key is not to get stuck on anything you don't understand, but skim it.
Better to learn in several iterations.
What's important - is to try actually running things, rather than just read it.


There are hundreds of nice resources that allow you to practice.
They have many levels of complexity, so you can start at your comfortable place.
You'll get a great understanding of “algorithms and data structures”.

A couple I tried:

Work experience

They say Programmer is not a Software Developer.
In reality you will also need to gain commercial experience which covers many areas:

  • using Git
  • team work with code reviews
  • tests for your code
  • documentation
  • CI\CD pipelines etc

Good luck on this path!